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This is our showcase for selected articles from the print version of the journal Selenology. Selenology is published by the American Lunar Society, an organization devoted to the observation and discovery of the Earth’s moon. Come in, have a look around, and let us know what you think.


Current Issue

Winter 2013/2014»

* Pioneering the Moon, Part 2 (available online)

* Chang’e 3

* Photographs

Summer 2013»

* The Skyris Planetary Cameras: a review
* The Photography of Robert Reeves
* Voyage To the Moon

Summer 2006 (Free Sample Issue)»

* Geologic Processes On the Moon

* Photographs By ALS Members

* Two Days On the Moon

* The Artist’s Moon

* Drawings By Craig Wandke

* Little-Known Secondary Crater Chain

* A Gallery of Lunar Maria